Practice Areas

The Law Firm DCLF assists its Clients both in and out of Court, particularly in the areas of Information technology and new technologies and Commercial law. The Firm deals with legal advice in areas characterized by significant technological complexity, by a international context and is particularly active in the following areas:

  • Privacy and Protection of personal data in public and private sectors, including defense in Court and in front of the Italian Data Protection Authority, services of "Personal Data Protection Officer" (DPO) pursuant to the GDPR (Reg. 2016/679) and assistance in the various audit and certification activities.
  • Intellectual Property, with particular reference to copyright relating to the so-called computer goods (computer programs, databases, multimedia works, websites, APPs, ebooks, videogames, etc.) and to the on-line context (use and provision of on-line content).
  • Ecommerce and On-line platforms (marketplaces).
  • On-line Contracts, business-to-business and business-to-consumer.
  • IT Contracts, such as software development contracts, license agreements, SaaS, agreements relating to hosting services, cloud computing, development and distribution of Apps, supply of IT systems, outsourcing, ASP, agreements relating to hardware equipment, Data Transfer Agreements, etc.
  • Electronic Voting in companies, organizations and associations, with assistance in the different phases of adoption and use of electrnic voting (evaluation of the prerequisites of legitimacy and adoptability, statutory/regulatory changes, drafting of the electoral rules, verification of the legal profiles of voting systems/platforms, assistance in voting procedures, management of disputes).
  • Electronic signatures and electronic documents.
  • Information Society Services.
  • Smart contract and Blockchain.